Consultancy is a wide ranging discipline. Whilst it also overlaps with coaching and mentoring, it is more distinct from coaching and mentoring than coaching and mentoring are from each other, in that with consulting direct advice is given, or specific work undertaken. 

Consultancy often makes available to a client very specific skills and experience which the consultant has developed and obtained over many years, which the client does not have in the organisation, or does not need on a full time permanent basis. 

Our background includes senior client side management roles in general management, product management, commercial management, sales and marketing management, in the media, retail and travel & leisure industries.

We've undertaken a lot of consultancy based projects. Areas we typically help out with include strategic reviews, business planning, brand reviews, market research, marketing planning and implementation, supplier management.

These can be general and broad based, or linked to our specialism in the digital sector.

So if you need any help with any of the above, please do give us a call.

Management Consulting


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