Coaching overlaps with mentoring, in that it aims to help the individual develop as a person and help them to make better decisions for and by themselves. But it also can include goal setting and accountability, whereby the individual and their coach agree goals, targets and deadlines, which the individual being coached works towards. 

It can be particularly helpful for people with no direct manager, such as owner managers of businesses, who are often lost in the day to day running of the business.

Stepping out of the business into a coaching session, can help them to distil and organise their many activities in a way that they probably don't do when only accountable to themselves.

It's a common misconception that a coach is managing an individual, and it can put many owner managers of businesses off coaching, as not being managed by a third party is the reason many people start to work for themselves in the first place. 

In reality the coach is there to support, counsel and encourage the individual, not manage them, and after a session or two most people being coached accept this and enjoy the time they spend with their coach.




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